Utilities Management Consulting

Utilities are under unprecedented pressure to apply private sector disciplines in their businesses. Increasingly, councils demand fiscal accountability, customers demand high qualities of service and competitors promise both. No longer is it sufficient for public utilities to just do the best they can in the public interest - now they must be viable businesses as well.

Greeley and Hansen's Utility Management Consulting helps our clients make their utilities into strong businesses. We help our clients:

  • Define expectations of those who are demanding improvements
  • Prioritize those expectations
  • Develop methods to address expectations
  • Implement business changes
  • Demonstrate improvements

Business process enhancement is the foundation of our service to our clients. We help clients identify their core business processes, define those processes to identify strengths and refine them to eliminate weaknesses. We provide technical support in all facets of business process enhancement, from process modeling to activity-based cost accounting and web-based information management.