Wastewater Treatment

Specializing in municipal water resources management for more than 95 years, Greeley and Hansen has specific expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of wastewater management. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with proven engineering principles, Greeley and Hansen has provided comprehensive engineering services to municipalities throughout the United States for the full range of wastewater, collection, treatment, and disposal.

Assisting municipalities in optimally meeting their wastewater engineering needs with sensitivity to budgetary constraints, optimization of land use and minimal disruption to the urban environment during a project's implementation is one of the firm's areas of expertise. Greeley and Hansen has developed and implemented meaningful, comprehensive wastewater management master and facilities plans through to facilities design, construction and operations assistance. We are proud of our extensive, successful experience developing defined, environmentally sound plans and facilities for the collection, treatment, reuse, and disposal of wastewater.